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Mr Antonin Poncik practices a form of therapy called Dermo-

Optics. When he was 10 years old, he realized that every

time he was close to somebody he would see a

white substance in front of his eyes. For a long time he

thought that there was something wrong with his eyes.

He understood that he has a gift, but Antonin was skeptical

of this type of gift. He wanted to scientifically prove his

method. In 1997, he met Dr Bernard - the researcher of

gifted people with whom he co-operated. The two of them

started a series of  experiments. The technique of Mr

Antonin Poncik is as follows: He scans the body with his

hand above it without touching it. With his Dermo-Optics

vision, he perceives the whitish substance. This substance

contains blue slight spots which indicate where problem  already

exists in a body. Then by energy movements, Antonin

restores the body back to normal.






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