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Bioenergy Dr.Bernard Grad, Antonin Poncik

Antonin Poncik from 1997 to 2004 collaborated on the research with Dr. Bernard Grad from McGill University In Montreal for the use of bioenergy in living organism. Special features of the Antonin Poncik is the detection of issues when using bioenergy as an afferent signal. This signal would be changed to slight blue color around the issue. This capability is called synaesthesia.

                 Who is Dr.Bernard Grad?

Dr. Bernard Grad,  PH.D. is a retired Associate Professor at McGill University in Montreal. During his thirty-six year tenure, he engaged in both conventional studies on aging and cancer, and also in studies of Bioenergy. In 1957, he became acquainted with the gifted healer, Oscar Estebany. He served as the primary healer in Dr. Grad's pioneering studies on the effect of laying-on- of hands on laboratory animals and plants. These studies demonstrated clearly that such healing was not due to suggestion but was basically dependent on bioenergetics interaction between healer  and organism being treated. Dr. B.Grad is the author of more than 150 articles, many of which are about healing. Dr.B.Grad was a student  of  Wilhem Reich.